Rental application

Looking at renting an apartment at Emporium? Visit our Rental Listings page and complete the Rental Application Form.

Your application must contain copies of proof of identification and proof of income. Outlined below are examples of suitable proof-

  • Identification – we require 100 points of ID:
    • Drivers License, passport, 18+ card, copy of birth certificate (50 Points Each)
    • Copy of ATM Card, Credit Card, Phone/Electricity or Gas Account (25 Points Each)
  • Proof of Income – we require a copy of any of the following:
    • Last two pay slips
    • Employment Contract
    • Letter of Parental Support
    • Bank Statements showing regular lump sum deposits

If these items are not present your application will not be processed.

We’ll contact your employer to ensure your employment and income details are current and correct.

All applicants will be checked against a national tenancy database so that we’re aware of any past discrepancies in rental payments or prior property damage;

Applications that meet our criteria will be passed to the property owner who’ll make the final decision on which application to approve.


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